Folksy shop

After all the procrastination,  I finally did it!

Welcome to my shiny new shop!

2 years ago I took the plunge and quit my job. The aim was to spend more time with my son, get a dog and to try to make a go of selling my embroidery and quilts. This summer I finished my Certificate at the Royal School of Needlework and ran out of excuses!

So here we have my collection..

Some Christmas wreaths – I made one of these for myself last year and just love the colours so couldn’t resist making some more!

Some baby quilts, this is my favourite, I’ve listed it as a playmat/quilt as it’s square and reminds me of a very useful blanket I had for my son when he was a baby, it kept him warm in his pram and I could put it on the floor for him when we were out and about..

This neutral quilt is one of three I made this summer, the other two were bought by a friend and I’ve had great feedback for them 🙂


Finally a piece of embroidery, I love how this looks.. I’m wondering whether to write up the pattern for it and we that to the shop as well?

I’m very proud of every thing up there, it’s not loads, but it’s all stuff I’m happy to put my name to and I hope a good start to build on.

Catching up

Phew I’m logged back in!
I got a new tablet for my birthday, but had forgotten the password to my WordPress account to set it up.. Finally tracked down the email account I’d used to set up the account & got myself back in..

It’s been a crazy few weeks! As a family we were barely all in the same place at the same time for about 8 weeks.. Loving a calmer November. I have however, been fairly crafty in that time. There are several blog posts to be written:
I taught my first embroidery class – 32 ladies doing silk shading for 2 hours. A daunting challenge, but enormous fun and something I’d love to do more of!

My blackwork is progressing, slowly.. But progressing none the less..

I’ve made some Christmas wreaths and have finished another quilt top – still the actual quilting to do though.

We also had our new kitchen decorated, loving the results and happy to have a finished room finally!

I’ve made Ted his winter hat, a lovely annual tradition. This year there were definite directions – it had to be red and blue and stripey.. I need to get on and finish the matching scarf now before the weather gets any colder.

And something else, but I’ll end this on a cliff hanger for now as I have to get to the doctors this morning.



Sewing bee block July
Sewing bee block August
Hand quilting for red quilt
Embroider cars for cars quilt
Finish hand quilting on Curious George cushion

Mount poppy
Mount Bee
Mount Heart
Mount Owl & pussy cat
Finish stitching boat
Mount fabric & stitch samples for RSN blackwork, before term starts

Edward’s jumper

I could procrastinate further by photographing and telling you more about each of these projects, but it appears I have things to do!

Finally in business


It happened by accident. A friend mentioned she needed to buy presents for two pregnant friends and I happened to have made a couple of baby quilts, so she bought 1 and ordered two more.
You would have thought that after all these years of procrastinating I would have had a pricing structure sorted, but after a bit of bartering ( she was upping my modest prices) we decided on a hopefully mutually satisfactory agreement.

She requested a neutral colour palette and I went straight to my local quilt shop to get started! It’s amazing what the promise of money will do, I managed to get both quilt tops sewn and basted yesterday and started hand quilting the first of them.

I’m still a relative novice when it comes to the hand quilting, but this post from a cuppa and a catch up is quite handy for how to transfer the designs. I have a Hera marker which I think I’ll favour over the washable inks especially for such a pale palette.

Olympic dreams


It’s been a busy few weeks, we spent two weeks glued to the telly watching as much of the Olympics as possible – talk about Inspire a Generation, our two year old is still singing the National Anthem and awarding himself and us medals.

We managed to get tickets to a couple of events – sailing in Weymouth and we got to go to the Olympic park to watch Men’s GB hockey which was just awesome! Bring on the Paralympics, Goalball here we come!

The Olympics are coming!!

I am so excited!

Waiting for the Torch

Luckily for us the Olympic Torch Relay came to us towards the end of it’s journey, we went out last Friday with our flags to wave it past! So the excitement started then for us, well me really.

Little Ted is still playing Torch Relay, which involves one of us waving the flag and cheering as he drives his toy cars past – turns out he thinks we were there to wave at cars and high five Policemen on their motorbikes – which is kind of what we did for 45 minutes!
The weather was lovely, not blazing hot, but sunny the atmosphere was carnival, Britain at its best!

I’ve loved seeing the Mexican wave of Facebook posts in the last few weeks about the Torch as friends in other parts of the country have seen it. Hope the next few weeks pass by safely and happily!

Bring on the Women’s football this aft!