Olympic knitting project


I spotted a link to this gorgeous wrap from Purlbee on Twitter a while ago, about the same time I got an invite to a wedding September just gone. While it was no way possible I could finish the wrap in time for the wedding I figured I might get chance to wear it to a wedding some day (or to our 25th anniversary party… in 21 years time!). So I took the plunge and I went to visit the lovely Louise at my local knitting shop – The Knit Club – where she helped me pick out some yarn – a lovely silver from RICO design essentials cotton dk range – a very reasonable price (£2.65 for a 50g ball) – good job, because I needed a full bag!

I’ve named this Olympic knitting as I started the wrap in the summer when we were glued to the Olympics. It takes me half an hour to complete a row, so I might get 2 rows done in an evening if Ted goes to bed easily and I’m not too tired. Progress is being made and the pattern isn’t too taxing, but is interesting enough to keep me on my toes!


In the mean time I have also knitted this very cute fox hat for Ted for Christmas, unfortunately despite being age 3-4 the hat is a little small – I added a panel at the back but it remains a dressing up hat rather than a wearing out hat – luckily he has a plenty, including a rather cute one I knitted in the summer. – sorry any excuse for cute photos of Ted 🙂


Cold and frosty morning

Manor Park, Caterham

I’ve just returned from a brisk and frosty dog walk. This is the lovely park at the end of our road, Brewster and I don’t always make it that far as it’s a long road and he’s still pretty young (and there is a park closer to us, it’s just not as nice). The photo above doesn’t show just how frosty it was, so here’s a good excuse to post a cute photo of a puppy 🙂

Brewster on a cold and frosty morning

I think this is my favourite type of weather ( I may say that on every change of the season!), it’s sunny but icy cold here – I know the North has snow, but they can keep it for now – I have plans and I’m not ready for snow this year! This morning I impressed myself by driving the car for the first time evert – now that may make me sound a bit silly, but I’ve only been driving regularly for 18 months (measured by the age of Little Ted minus the 6 weeks to recover from c-section..) and last winter I stayed in or walked once it got icy!

Knitted decs from The Knit Club

On Friday Duncan and I had a rare date, we booked a baby sitter (about a month ago) and were planning on going to the cinema. When it came to it we couldn’t decide on a film, so I dragged D for mulled wine, mince pies and 10% off at my local yarn store, The Knit Club (before we went on to dinner). We put the discount to good use and bought the knitted bauble and little bird in the photo above ( the owl was a gift from Geraldine), I will also be surprised by sock yarn and a set of knit-pro needles on Christmas morning…. 🙂 if he’s lucky and I can figure out the sock thing I might knit him a pair for his wellies when walking the dog!

Poo and politics

This is the 5th 6th time I’ve started this post and 10 weeks 13 weeks since E was born, for a while there poo and politics were all we talked about.. E was born just before the general election – which seems an age ago now! I watched hours of coverage of the election whilst feeding him! [I’ve since discovered V+ and now record all the telly I miss by going to bed so early!]

and the poo conversations have been about a lack of poo – we had a worrying 13 days of constipation, current thinking is that E has a cow’s milk allergy so I’ve gone dairy free while we wait for test results! I’m not a big fan of soya so any suggestions of yummy dairy free snacks greatly received! We’re doing OK on the savory stuff but soya chocolate buttons just don’t do it!! 🙂 since starting this post I’ve discovered, with another 2 weeks of constipation for poor E, that soya is also a no go.
The very lovely Molly writes [the particular kitchen](http://www.theparticularkitchen.com/) a blog chocked full of yummy recipes, we just need the time to check some of them out!

I’ve discovered that an iphone is essential for any new mother, small enough to read blogs/look up another new parent question whilst nursing a baby! I may be addicted to playing games on it though, it took me a long time to get over my spider solitaire addiction the first time round!! Knitting on the other hand nigh on impossible – I’m making slow progress on a pram blanket, started the week before I went into labour and only picked up again last week! I’m hoping that if the diagnosis is correct and E continues to improve, I’ll get a bit more time to craft on my maternity leave! [The chicken quilt](http://www.suzical.co.uk/blog/uncategorized/distinct-lack-of-peaches) is also on hold, as we didn’t know the sex before he was born, I’m glad that I picked this quilt – anything too pastel wouldn’t last too long for a little boy!

One thing I did finish just before E was born was a cardigan, randomly in a bluey-green colour which I wear a lot and so would have happily put a girl in. Unfortunately it’s now pretty much too small and with the weather being so blummin hot we haven’t had much wear out of it, but I’m pretty pleased with the finished product and will be knitting up another in a bigger size for the autumn as you can tell from the picture below the hood came in very handy on a recent trip to a pretty windy Yorkshire to visit the Grandparents!

Update on pram blanket I made use of the extra pairs of hands last week whilst staying with my parents and made huge inroads into blanket. I’m just doing the borders to finish off and have learnt that pick up and knit means to pick up the stitch and knit it rather than just picking it up (- as I had done previously when knitting the cardigan).

I’ll make no promises to blog regularly and I know I have a stack of blogs to approve for the [Big List](http://www.sewing-blogs.com/) but I’ll try and stay in touch! E’s having a rare nap on his play gym – rare in he’s napping in the day and that he’s not napping on me! (he does sleep well at night so no complaints here!).

Knitting update and not counting chickens


The flowers obviously did the trick 🙂

We accepted an offer on our flat on Thursday and there’s now a lovely Sold sign outside. Not counting chickens, touching wood and looking out for pairs of magpies! We’re also booking appointments to go and view places out in Surrey.


After more than a couple of false starts, a bit of a strop and a lovely afternoon with a good knitting friend (that’s both good friend and a friend who’s good at knitting!), I am proud to present the half finished back of my gilet-to-be…

Gilet back

My initial problems stemmed from not understanding the pattern properly and having to count 82 stitches.. yep – I have a PhD and struggled counting to 82(!)

But now I’m underway so far so good! The tricky bit is not dropping the cable needle – any advice on that would be very welcome!