A lovely, productive, lazy weekend!

A seemingly rare, free weekend! After a lovely couple of extra hours in bed on saturday, feeling relatively rested, I decided to make a start on taming the wilderness which is our garden. The couple we bought the house from were elderly and had clearly not touched the garden for several years. Unfortunately I forgot to ‘before’ photograph the area I cleared but this shows a small portion of what’s left to do (the garden continues back and up into the trees).

My Dad did a great job of clearing a lot of our first terrace level when he and my Mum stayed with us after E was first born. He added in some colour for us close to the house.

The ground seems to have been divided up into various beds, there are stones marking these out, so I just took one of these and cleared out all the scrub and grass which had colonised it leaving a lovely cleared bed. This morning we headed over to [Priory Farm Plant Centre](http://www.prioryfarm.co.uk/pc_home.php) to buy the plants. We’re going to have to go back to check out the cafe and farm shop on a day when we haven’t spent a fortune on plants 🙂 – it looks like it will be a good place to take E when he’s a bit bigger!

I then had a pleasant afternoon of planting, which I’m pretty pleased with- though I may have to try to disguise the blue pot for the mint a bit better!! I potted the mint and sank it to try and stop it spreading.

Here you can see more clearly, (from left to right) a drill (get me with the lingo!) of parsley seeds, rosemary, tarragon, mint, purple sage – which is very pretty, thyme, basil and lavender. At the top there’s some salad leaves as well – I’m a bit worried it’ll be too crowded at the top there, but I can thin that out when the shoots start coming up – or at least I think I can!

Not too shoddy for a first planting! Our old flat had a yard which we filled with pots – some of which have survived and can be seen in the top photo.. but not much effort was put into it, I’m much excited by this as it feels more permanent. I’m not sure how much progress will follow this, the next few weeks are going to be busy, so I’ll just aim to maintain and grow this patch for now!