Dairy free chocolate and coconut ice cream


With a dairy & soya intollerant son we have an extra challenge. A lot of the dairy free alternatives available to buy are soya based. Ice cream has proven one of the hardest things to replace. Until we bought an ice cream maker that is!

We’re building on Ted’s love of baking and so he always helps out. He does the measuring, working the food processor, pouring the mixture into the ice cream maker and of course the tasting!

Until now we’ve done fruit based ice creams – puréed fruit, a cup of sugar and a 400ml can of coconut milk.

I finally decided we should branch out and found this recipe for Chocolate ice cream

After an initial taste I decided we needed it to be a lot sweeter to appeal to my toddler audience and so, running low on honey, we added 3 tbsp sugar to the mixture.

It’s a great success and we all love it – a bit like a dark chocolate bounty bar..