First day of school

Today was Ted’s first day of school.
I took him off this morning with his brand new new uniform, his school bag, his book bag, wellies and P.E kit… Thankfully most of it stays there until half term!


A while back Ted won an England hockey t shirt size 12-13 -it fit my husband and it was going to take a while for him to grow into it. So I decided it would make the perfect gym bag.


I turned it into a draw string bag, with the front and back of the T-shirt lined with red cotton.


Here he his this morning, modeling his new bag.

…and the verdict on school was it was great fun but when will we have P.E?

I love comments so don’t be shy, let me know what you think…

Holiday project

Ted starts school next week and we have been enjoying a nice break at home since he finished preschool.

We’ve rediscovered the garden & rescued a few toys who got themselves frozen..


We had adventures and played with friends..


We’ve  built models..


But now I’m getting itchy and ready to stitch again! So this afternoon I got the sewing machine out and made Ted a wallet. We’ve recently started giving him some pocket money so now he has somewhere to carry it..



I actually messed up and the swirly fabric was meant to be the lining but I quite like & I unpicked quite a lot making this.. Clearly I’m out of practice!

Now the itch is scratched and I can enjoy our last few days with a preschooler!

Busy bee!

Well I was a busy bee this week, making full use of my wrist feeling better!
I did a bit more work on my [Jacobean piece](, I should finish this one pretty soon..

I finally made up a new bag for Duncan:

I’m really pleased with it – this is the first pattern I’ve made up from scratch, and after two days it’s still not fallen apart 🙂

I made cards – this is the one for my sister’s anniversary that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago:
A birthday card for Will, I find making cards for boys a bit harder – you can’t really get away with flowers and butterflies 🙂
Luckily Will’s a big basketball fan, and I used my fool proof inspiration plan – Clip art!! 🙂
I often do a quick inspiration search on a lunch time at work and email the results to Duncan for printing..
I had to ring Hev to find out the right colour shorts and number..


This card was for a sick friend – the flower is detachable and can be used as a brooch ..

and finally, some coasters from my nephew – he’s 4 next week, starting early! He made them for all the family.

A flower for me and a hockey stick and ball for Duncan..