The haberdashery

I said in my last post that my husband called it the office I called it my sewing room – I think we can now call it the haberdashery!


It is floor to ceiling fabric, and embroidery supplies and I can actually get to everything now!

I have discovered things I didn’t remember I had..


These were the first two nice quilting fabrics I bought. I still haven’t decided what to do with them, but I love them!


I have a whole box of crochet yarn and I can’t crochet. Something that will have to change this year!


This is a close up of my fabric shelves. I didn’t realise how much felt and toy stuffing I had.. The fabric needs sorting out a bit better – when the room’s finished I’ll iron it all and make it a bit neater..


This whole pile is embroidery fabrics – linen twill, silk and calico – I won’t need to buy any more for a while.


Likewise embroidery threads – the big box labeled threads is full off tapestry wools


I think I may need to do some more canvas work!


I sorted through all my books & magazines as well.. I can actually reach them now to get inspiration!


One last photo to prove I don’t just hoard everything, I did throw a fair amount out!

I love comments so don’t be shy, let me know what you think…


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