Blackwork – the final push

I am so close to finishing my blackwork piece.

I had a lesson at the RSN earlier in the week and added her whiskers. All that’s left before I take her off the frame and mount is to remove all the tacking stitches I put in to outline the design.

This is painstakingly slow, using tweezers and a blunt needle – and good light and trying not to undo any of the end I’ve so carefully tied in! I’ve spent 3 mornings this week working on it when the light is good. But I still have a few more to work on.


Here’s the almost finished piece! – the line at the top of the shoulder is a needle..

Next up is appliqué – I’ve already started looking for fabrics. I’ve spent so long on Elsa I’m really looking forward to starting something new.

I love comments so don’t be shy, let me know what you think…


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