Happy new year


January is a great time for resolutions and I seen to be making quite a few!

We decided to switch our bedrooms around. My lovely husband has spent a few of his precious holiday days decorating our new room. Which has led to a bit of a spring clean –  we’ve cleaned the carpets (with a rug doctor and everything) and I’ve gone through my wardrobe – there’s quite a pile for the charity shop.

Im also trying to get fitter in 2015, my friends and I are training for the London 2 Brighton walk in May. I might not do it, but am starting the training with them. So far we’re swimming weekly, which I really missed over Christmas!

The final thing is to try and use my time better, plan a bit more so I can get more done while Ted is at school.
A good friend bought me a diary for Christmas, it’s lovely with a William Morris design.


Duncan and I use Google calendar – his mainly for work and I can put things in his or see if he’s busy so we hopefully don’t double book ourselves. So I wasn’t sure to begin with how much I would get out of the diary, but I couldn’t bear not to use it. So I’m using it as a planner for my to do lists and hopefully this will help me to make more of my time..


Excuse the terrible photo – I was trying not to get my fingers in. As you can see I can now tick off blog about resolutions!
Now I have to empty all the bedding out of what will be Duncan’s wardrobe..

I love comments so don’t be shy, let me know what you think…


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