Embroidery health & safety


When I worked in an office we had a dedicated health & safety nurse.
When I hurt my arm she came to assess my work station, gave me RSI protection software that forced me to take a break after 30 mins of typing. She got me a new mouse & speech recognition software.

Now I’m on my own.

Embroidery & quilting and blogging about embroidery & quilting. All of which has very repetitive actions, all of which could easily cause problems with my health.

So I’m very careful with my work set up. I use trestles to support my embroidery frame and make sure it’s at a good height so I’m not bending over too much.

This sounds silly but I watch TV while I stitch so that I keep looking up & stretching my neck and eyes.

I try to take the dog out in the middle of the day so that again I get a decent stretch.

I have a few different projects on the go at once so if I am finding my arm’s beginning to ache or that my eyes are getting tired I can get the machine out and do some quilting or write blog post.

The lighting in our kitchen is amazing, we have a glass pyramid in the ceiling – I think it’s officially called a roof lantern !? – glass doors and a big window.

Finally I keep up with my eye tests so I can be sure I’m not damaging my eyes with such close work. That’s where I was this morning and, despite spending the hour before my eye test doing French knots, I got the all clear for another couple of years!

Does anyone have any tips? Or do you roll your eyes at the thought?!!


One thought on “Embroidery health & safety

  1. I definitely don’t think about it enough. I work in less than ideal lighting conditions and in awkward positions that give me a side shoulder.
    I’ll have to start being more conscious!

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