Day o’ fun & the V & A wedding dress exhibition

A very good friend of mine come over from States once in a blue moon and we get together for a day o’ fun.
This year we started with the Wedding dress exhibition at the V& A and it was well worth a visit.

Unfortunately there was no photography allowed, however I found this article on Paperblog which is just chocked full of photos. It works it’s way through from historical dresses (1775 onwards) downstairs. From the older dresses made to be worn again and with amazing tiny embroidery stitches as decoration. To the big society weddings of the 1930s – check out Margaret Whigham’s gown by Norman Hartnell – to the austerity of the war years. Then going upstairs you get the more modern dresses. The amazing purple worn by Rita Von Teese, Kate Moss’s gown which is just stunning – the photos do not do the detail on this dress justice! – to the Duchess of Cornwall’s wedding outfit – again so great to see this one up close.

My favourites were the flower bomb by Jan Stuart which is pretty wild and for the embroidery, which apparently took 6months, a dress by Anna Lin Xiaojing.

I so wish I had photos to share here, but do check out that article or if you can get to the V &A before May 2015 go see they exhibition.


I do have a photo of my friend Jo and I in the V & A courtyard cafe.


Erin & Angela with pre afternoon tea cocktails.


The tea service at The Sanderson Hotel where we had our fancy lady tea.


… and the amazing Alice In Wonderland themed afternoon tea we shared ( this stand was for 2 of us..).

The little bottles had drink me labels and were layered smoothie, compot and foam..


I love comments so don’t be shy, let me know what you think…


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