William Morris embroidery progress

I started this piece a while a go and it seems to be my coffee shop project..


We have landscapers terracing the hill that is our garden at the moment so this is a good way to escape the dust.


This is the view from our bedroom window ( the bottom corner is the ground floor extension)


This is the first of the flowers I’ve worked, I threw all of my RSN training out of the window and did the centre in French knots first. This meant I had to be very careful when doing the pink satin stitch. I came up over a line of split stitch and angled my needle carefully to get the satin stitch to lay under the knots. It would have been much better to do the satin stitch first and come up in the middle and go over the split stitch, getting a smoother outline and then putting the French knots in after. Hey ho, I can do that with the next one!

The green leaves I did in feather stitch, they went in really quickly – it’s a lovely stitch to use!


Lastly I outlined the flower in stem stitch.


As you can see I have a lot more coffee to drink to finish up – 3 more flowers – which I think from the plan are each slightly different and some more leaves.. Then all that stem to do – for which I am out of threads.


2 thoughts on “William Morris embroidery progress

  1. its very painterly, but some of the stitches look a bit too long to be stable – unless you plan to display it under tension?

    my portable projects tend to be a bit more screwup and stuffin a bagable

    • Thank you, painterly was the aim!

      The photos are quite zoomed in. The flowers are only actually about 1inch across. But yes it will be mounted under tension..

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