Have I finally found my optimal embroidery workspace?

I’m just setting up my frame for a day of embroidery and it crossed my mind that I really like my current set up.


I stitch in our kitchen. We had an extension last year and it has created a great stitching area. There’s the window pictured above, French doors at 90 degrees to that and above we have a roof lantern – it’s a bit grey and drizzly to photograph though! All of which mean I can ditch the day light lamp even on a miserable spring day like today!

In the photo above you can see my trestles, an IKEA purchase which I love. My slate frame rests nicely on there so I can easily access both the top and underneath the work.
I always pull a bench or table alongside where I’m working so I have my threads in easy reach.


The other good thing about my stitching position is that it’s well placed for the TV. I like to have something on so I don’t spend the whole day looking down at my work.. Fred Astaire was too distracting though, I didn’t get much done during that film.

You can see in this photo that I have most of my work covered in tissue while I’m working so that it stays as clean as possible.

How do you set up your work? What are your must have to be productive?? Do you have any typos to share?

I love comments so don’t be shy, let me know what you think…


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