Ted’s new tote

We just got back from holiday, (I never like to say online before we go). A family trip to Disneyland Paris – for my dad’s 70th birthday. So there were 9 of us traveling together and staying in neighbouring rooms in an aparthotel.

I knew we wouldn’t need a lot to keep Ted occupied, but he needed a few bits to keep him busy..


So we took his new bag..


I filled the pen roll..


Put cars in the cars pocket.

Popped in a notebook for him to write in and bought him a new book.. In fact it’s his first Rohld Dahl – Dirty Beasts. He loves the rhymes – and his 10 year old cousin loved reading it to him!

I can safely say that the bag has been officially product tested now!

More are on the way, but there’s already one for sale in my Folksy shop

I love comments so don’t be shy, let me know what you think…


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