Dairy and soya free Easter

This weekend is one of the trickiest celebrations in the dairy free calendar.

I remember loving Easter as a kid and don’t see why it should be any different for Ted..

I’ve found a couple of brands of chocolate that are both dairy and soya free.. This post has a great list of dairy free options

Only one has Easter eggs.. What’s better is that they’re available in Waitrose and this year Saintsbury’s as well!


While the chocolate is yummy packaging isn’t quite as exciting as a lot of the kids eggs in the supermarkets.
Waitrose also stock chocolate bunnies, so we’ve added in a few of those..


To add a little variety I found a chocolate mould to make some smaller shapes, I plan to add in some fluffy chicks and dolly mixtures..


Even with a bit of inventiveness these things alone wouldn’t make a great egg hunt, so I always add in some non-chocolate items. I read a post this morning with some great ideas, here what I came up with..

I always do seeds, this year I found this little sheep – only £1 in Morrisons.


A DVD and a game which have been sat in my present stash for a while.


Finally some books that my mum sent for him. We’ve had others from the same series and they’re really sweet!


So on Sunday they’ll be hidden round the house and in the last couple of years we’ve used photo clues. I’m going to try make them a bit harder this year..

I love comments so don’t be shy, let me know what you think…


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