RSN diploma: blackwork week 5


Yesterday was my 5th week at the RSN working on my blackwork lioness. I had been struggling with it so am pleased to report that something seems to have clicked and I’m now really enjoying it!

This was my piece at the start of the lesson,


and here it is at the end of the lesson…


While it’s not a huge change, it was a lot of stitching – 4 hours of class and I was aching by the end of it!  Blackwork takes a lot longer than I’d realised!!

There are three patterns in the piece so far, a T pattern for that under belly – the largest block of stitching so far.  The block towards the right of the piece is there lionesses neck, this stitching will continue up to the face and is interlocking Y’s.

The stitches are all in the RSN’s blackwork guide, which has some lovely examples of what you can do with blackwork shading. Some t thing I hope to emulate. I have a couple of weeks before my next lesson and I hope to get started on the leg before I go back. That’s the big gap currently empty.. For this section my tutors and I chose a tulip pattern which seems to go in a bit quicker than my other patterns so I’m looking forward to getting started on it!

I love comments so don’t be shy, let me know what you think…


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