Meet Georgina: one giraffe two ways

I love hand sewing, it is by far my preferred method of stitching anything. If truth be told I am a bit scared of my machine. I know how to do what I do, but haven’t any confidence outside of my comfort zone. However, I love machine appliqué and embroidery, so I’m determined to master my machine!

For a first go I should maybe have booked a course or bought a book to give me instructions, looked into what equipment was required and asked for advice.. But I never do things the easy way! So I took a sketch of a giraffe I did ages ago and cut it out of fabric… I pinned it to my fabric and lowered the teeth on my machine.


This was the result!

.. And this was the point I asked for advice, the main thing I got wrong was I should have used bondaweb to stick the design to the fabric and hold it tight. Also a hoop would have been good! But actually I’m pleased with the look of this and am excited to give it another try.. Maybe starting with a less complicated shape while I try to get the hang of things!

The other incarnation of Georgina is hand embroidered..


The outline is stem stitch and the spots are just straight stitches. This is destined to be a cushion and, if she finds some friends, maybe a whole jungle quilt.. What do you think? Any tips for me??

I love comments so don’t be shy, let me know what you think…


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