Chickee-bee Spring quilt

My parents and I took Ted and my niece and nephew to Devon for a week in october half term. On a trip to Brixham we spotted a quilt store and leaving my dad with the kids for 10 minutes Mum and I snuck off.

I bought some lovely fabric from Andover’s Locally grown range. I was fairly economical with my fabric purchasing. ( – very unlike me!) so have had to plan very carefully what I was going to do with it.


This plan used nearly all of my fabric so I had to be very careful with my cutting!


Here’s the top all sewn up.


I got some quilting pins recently and am having great success pining the backing out before I baste the quilt together.


Once it was basted I wasn’t sure which way to go, the last time I machine quilted a much bigger quilt I had issues with the back – Which I’m still unpicking, but that was a basting think I think!

I decided to give it another try and stuck to a simple in the ditch quilting and was very pleased with the results.


This quilt is now available to buy in my store. We made use of a brief appearance from the sun on Sunday to take it outside for photos. What you don’t see is the bubble wrap tapped to the fence to keep the quilt clean!!

I love comments so don’t be shy, let me know what you think…


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