Oh what a week!

My husband travels a lot for work, he has offices in the States and that’s just part of our lives. Sometimes we go with him, but mainly Ted, the dog and I have a nice quiet time at home. Or at least that’s generally the plan!

Duncan left last Tuesday, Wednesday morning the car broke down. Wednesday night Ted started with a really bad virus, by Friday I’d had 6 hrs sleep in the last 48hrs and the poor dog was desperate to get to the park.

Thankfully, Ted is better now. The dog got his walk and this morning I’m enjoying being out of the house, having a coffee and doing some stitching..

1 more sleep till daddy’s home!


Through out the week through I have been feeling very grateful that those were our only problems. The flooding in the UK at the moment I’d terrible. It is affecting our local area, one of the major roads near us is flooded and therefore closed this morning!

I love comments so don’t be shy, let me know what you think…


3 thoughts on “Oh what a week!

  1. I am in southern tip of Florida and the weather has been pretty good this winter. Most of the country here has had one ice storm after another this winter. Southern California is in a drought and they are worried about running out of water. Thanks for the diary on your weather.

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