Twas the night before Christmas

I know we’re a bit out of season, but in the world of a three year old Christmas isn’t just for December!! This morning he heard a gurgle from the boiler and thought it was Santa’s bells!


At my son’s preschool he gets to chose a reading book to bring home each week. This is something I love, he gets to pick the book and we read it together at bed time. We’ve had a real range, from the familiar – Mr Men and Peppa Pig to new to us – some great first readers. Some we read over and over and keep for two weeks, others are less enticing and get abandoned after the first read. We’ve only had one that we didn’t finish – it had a rather scary tiger!


This week Ted chose The Night Before Christmas. My favourite Christmas book. We have a family tradition of reading it on Christmas Eve and so it was a familiar story – possibly a complaint that I’ve put all the Christmas books away until next December(!?).


I thought it blog worthy as the version from preschool had such lovely illustrations by Tomie De Paola. He based the book and the quilts in it on his own New England home. He even used the quilts in his home as inspiration for the borders which are different on every page. I’ve not come across his work before, but those Americans readying might know him for other children’s books including Strega Nona.

I love comments so don’t be shy, let me know what you think…


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