RSN diploma: blackwork week 4


Finally back to the RSN yesterday, I made a rather dramatic entrance declaring that I hate blackwork. Thankfully the tutors are great so they sat down with me and helped me make a more detailed shade plan and we went over the stitch plan. As I’d feared we decided to take out a lot of what I’ve already done, but it will make a difference. I think it wasn’t that I dislike the technique, just how I was doing it. I was trying to blend three very different stitches and it was over complicating the design. We decided I should take out the Y and x shaped stitches and continue the T shaped stitch in that area – the lioness’ belly

Instead of spending a lesson unsewing I started on a new area and fell like I made a lot of progress. However I have a lot to get done before I return in 3 weeks. I’m nearly half way through this technique and I haven’t stitched a quarter of the design!


This is what it looked like at the end of yesterday.

After a rocky start to today – the car wouldn’t start first thing and some kind soul parked blocking the steps to our house – I’ve had a productive few hours unpicking and managed to put in a bit more stitching. I had to work around the AA man coming to put in a new battery and decided to do an online Sainsburys order instead of trying to squeeze past the annoying car with my shopping (I left them a strongly worded note – though did notice a lovely tapestry cushion on their back seat)


This is the section that I unpicked. Tomorrow I will remove the black fluff with magic tape and secure all the loose ends. Hopefully I can make some progress with this. I also want to photograph some of the things I have finished for my shop.

I love comments so don’t be shy, let me know what you think…


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