Basting a quilt; trying a new trick..

I treated myself to issue three of Love patchwork & quilting over Christmas. It came with a free pack of quilting pins. I obviously had them on my mind as somewhere I read a great tip for using the quilters pins when basting a quilt! I have no idea where I read this, somewhere in my twitter feed there must have been a link to a post! If you have any ideas where I’ve got this from let me know and I’ll link to it!

Today was Ted’s first day back at preschool after Christmas so i wanted to get started on a panel of Owl fabric I bought when I went to visit the Oh Sew Sweet Shop a couple of weeks ago. I’ve had problems in the past with wrinkly backing when I’ve not done a great job at basting.


Using the quilting pins I pinned the calico to the carpet. The pins are pushed as far as they’ll go into the carpet to pull the backing tight.


Next I layered up the batting and on top the panel. Finally, I started seeing the layers together. I was worried about how easy it would be to sew and make sure I could get all 3 layers together and not sew into the carpet. Actually it was easier than I’d thought, I got the knack of feeling the carpet with the needle and just kind of missing it.. Once it was basted I just pulled the pins out, it was easy today as it’s a new pack so it was obvious when I’d got all of them back.

I’ve heard of 2 different ways to baste, I’m sure there are hundreds more! One is to start in the middle and work lines out in all directions. The other, used here, is to start in one corner and stitch zig zags in lines down the quilt.


So here it is ready to quilt, once my helper wakes up!

I love comments so don’t be shy, let me know what you think…


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