Curious George hand quilted cushion covers

A year ago we took a trip to the States. My husband has an office in Seattle and we went to stay with friends over there. In amongst all the toddler friendly activities we found time to visit a couple of fabric shops.

Ted had just discovered Curious George so I couldn’t resist this fabric.

Since we returned it has been sat waiting for me to do something with it. As we were due a long road trip I made Ted a cushion to take a long. He loved it and we’ve used quite a bit since, in fact the last long trip we took he moaned because I’d forgotten the cushion!


I made it by layering the fabric with wadding and calico to back it. I basted the three layers together then started quilting. I began by sewing an arc around my thumb in the corner of the cushion cover, then stitching lines parallel to it until the whole cushion was covered. Lines were spaced about a thumb’s width apart. Stitching was totally by eye, I lay the thread down along the line I wanted so I could see where to make the stitch.


Since it was such a hit with Ted I’ve cut out a couple more from the remaining fabric and have been busy quilting them to make up into cushion covers and put up in my shop – so I hope there are some more Curious George fans out there!


I love comments so don’t be shy, let me know what you think…


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