Transferring embroidery patterns onto fabric 1: trace and tack

A couple of the girls in the Christmas stocking workshop I ran wanted to do some embroidery. The example stocking I had I was stitching the recipients name on and they were amazed at how simple it was to do. – apologies for the photos in this post, they were taken on my knee last night – I’m hurrying to get my in laws’ stockings finished before they arrive to spend Christmas with us!

Trace your design onto grease proof paper or tissue paper and pin to your fabric.


Stitch over the design, here I’m just using backstitch to outline the letters.


Very gently tear away the paper – you may need to used tweezers to get the last few bits out.


Voilà, your pattern transfered and no worry about covering paint lines or disappearing pen marks that keep coming back! (I’ve never had any luck with those things!).


I use this for fabrics like felt that are difficult to write on and for darker or thicker fabrics that are hard to see through. If the design is more complicated then you can use a machine thread to tack on the outline and pull it out when you’ve finished.

What are your favourite ways to transfer a design?

I love comments so don’t be shy, let me know what you think…


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