Dairy free breakfast

What to give a toddler who doesn’t like cereal or toast for breakfast?
Like all toddlers Ted goes through phases with what he wants for breakfast, every so often he hits a sticky phase where nothing will do and I have to think up something new. With the add dairy and soya free limitation this can get a bit tricky!

I have my fall back breakfast muffins, packed with seeds, sultanas and carrot and made with spelt flour they’re tick the healthy box, but he gets came for breakfast so it’s novel and fun! I do need to remember to freeze some or half the mixture as we get bored before we finish.. So after trying muffins for a few days I was flicking through a dairy free cook book and found a recipe for an oat cream. You soak oats in water and honey for a couple of hours then blitz in the food processor. The recipe said to sieve and serve as a cream alongside puddings. I left as it was and on the first day we blended in strawberries and called it yogurt. That lunch time we mixed in cocoa powder and made chocolate pudding. The next morning we added blueberries to the last of the mixture. A definite winner! Filling, oaty, fruity goodness!

Unfortunately all gone before I remembered to photograph!


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