Christmas stocking workshop


On the back of my successful workshop for my mum’s embroidery group, I suggested that I maybe at some point I might do a little bit of embroidery at Duncan’s office. Just a taster workshop maybe after Christmas.

They jumped at the opportunity, but wanted to do Christmas stockings – a week later… (The image above by the way, is of our family stockings which I made over the last couple of years).

So following a very fun trip to hobby craft and a bit of inspiration on line. Today I went into Distilled. It was billed as a Learnch, exclusively attended by the girls of the office and I hope enjoyed by all!

I certainly enjoyed it. Seeing how differently people can use the same bunch of materials!


We had fur, pompoms, ricrac and sequins..




I’m going to go back in next week to help them sew the finished things together..



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