Folksy shop

After all the procrastination,  I finally did it!

Welcome to my shiny new shop!

2 years ago I took the plunge and quit my job. The aim was to spend more time with my son, get a dog and to try to make a go of selling my embroidery and quilts. This summer I finished my Certificate at the Royal School of Needlework and ran out of excuses!

So here we have my collection..

Some Christmas wreaths – I made one of these for myself last year and just love the colours so couldn’t resist making some more!

Some baby quilts, this is my favourite, I’ve listed it as a playmat/quilt as it’s square and reminds me of a very useful blanket I had for my son when he was a baby, it kept him warm in his pram and I could put it on the floor for him when we were out and about..

This neutral quilt is one of three I made this summer, the other two were bought by a friend and I’ve had great feedback for them 🙂


Finally a piece of embroidery, I love how this looks.. I’m wondering whether to write up the pattern for it and we that to the shop as well?

I’m very proud of every thing up there, it’s not loads, but it’s all stuff I’m happy to put my name to and I hope a good start to build on.


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