Catching up

Phew I’m logged back in!
I got a new tablet for my birthday, but had forgotten the password to my WordPress account to set it up.. Finally tracked down the email account I’d used to set up the account & got myself back in..

It’s been a crazy few weeks! As a family we were barely all in the same place at the same time for about 8 weeks.. Loving a calmer November. I have however, been fairly crafty in that time. There are several blog posts to be written:
I taught my first embroidery class – 32 ladies doing silk shading for 2 hours. A daunting challenge, but enormous fun and something I’d love to do more of!

My blackwork is progressing, slowly.. But progressing none the less..

I’ve made some Christmas wreaths and have finished another quilt top – still the actual quilting to do though.

We also had our new kitchen decorated, loving the results and happy to have a finished room finally!

I’ve made Ted his winter hat, a lovely annual tradition. This year there were definite directions – it had to be red and blue and stripey.. I need to get on and finish the matching scarf now before the weather gets any colder.

And something else, but I’ll end this on a cliff hanger for now as I have to get to the doctors this morning.


2 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. ¿Yo debo ser vieja pero la verdad no recuerdo las contraseñas ¡es que son muchas!
    Espero que su salida al medico haya sido buena.

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