Setting up an Etsy shop: shop policies

Every 3-6 months or so I write a post saying I’m totally going to sell things. I’m setting up an etsy shop, I’m just a few weeks away…

I’ve gotten as far as signing up for a shop at Etsy, choosing a name, then came a lot more decisions.. Shop policies, photo, banner… As not much was ready to sell I left it a while longer.

Then a couple of weeks ago I got an incentive email from Etsy offering me 20 free listings – which pushed me into further action. The next step was shop policies – not knowing much about it I shelved the shop once more.

I’ve read around, hopefully used my common sense and have made up some initial policies. – I imagine these will be a work in progress as new things come up, but it feels like I’m a step closer..

I’ve tried to keep it fairly simple for now. Keeping payments through Etsy or PayPal seems simplest & safest – and fits with how I like to shop.

I’ve not gone into postage options yet – just that I’ll use Royal Mail first class unless otherwise requested (& paid for), I think I may need a trip to the post office to figure out costs and international options.

So in conclusion – I’ve come up with more for the to do list! From what I have read on the subject it is worth spending the time to get things right early on as this stuff seems to really make a difference in such a competitive market place!


4 thoughts on “Setting up an Etsy shop: shop policies

  1. I treid etsy,but I found firstlythat it was confusing having to price thingsin american, and secondly that when I looked around, the majority of what’s sold on etsy lookslike rubbish. If the items you want to sell are quality at a fair price you can’t sell wel surrounded by cheap tat. In the end I’ve decided (after also faffing around a lot) to go with folksy- its a smaller market but it’s english and the overall quality seems higher. quality sells better surrounded by quality. I’ve onlylsited a few things so far, and have yet to publicise it, but we’ll see

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