Practise, practise, practise; learning to draw for design

One of the things that I struggle with in embroidery design is the drawing. Art at school was not my thing. I love stitching and turning pictures into embroideries – choosing which stitches to use and planning the colours – but drawing is just not may thing.

My husband suggested I ask a graphic designer for help – but the cost just doesn’t make that possible. Then I spotted a post over on While She Naps about the importance of the art in selling a design. Abby makes beautiful handmade toys and its worth checking out her blog. in her post she suggested a few drawing books which I thought I aught to take a look at.


I chose illustration school; let’s draw cute animals. Which arrived this morning. It’s a very sweet book and is just up my street. I love the style of the animals and the book has spaces for you to draw and finish off a drawing as well as giving you lots of different expressions and poses to incorporate. The author also recommends that you share your drawings and ask for opinions ‘don’t you think this one’s cute?’ that kind of thing – which my son will love!


So what do you think? is it cute? Do I need to work on my facial expressions??



2 thoughts on “Practise, practise, practise; learning to draw for design

  1. Hi Suzi – I found your canvas work on Pinterest and thus found your blog!! It’s great! Couldn’t find you on Facebook – unless you gave twins? I love your canvas work, it’s the best example I’ve seen online. It looks bigger than A5 – I am trying to plan mine now – slowly. Abstract landscape I think – not sure yet. Have a great Xmas. Chrissie (RSN).

    • Thanks Chrissie, it was my favourite piece to stitch! It’s only A5, but if so busy it probably looks bigger! Good luck designing yours 🙂 Try Suzi Grimshaw, my photo is of me and my son – definitely not twins!!

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