So 2 weeks on and the heady thrill of making some sales has cleared. I’m making more quilts – trying to think of them as stock and explaining to Ted that they’re not all for him (well not unless things go badly!).

When Jo asked me to make her 2 neutral coloured quilts I had a plan of what i wanted to sew, but I did no planning. I went to the fabric store and guessed at how much fabric I would need. I bought 6x half meters of creams and golds and 2 meters of a white on white to use as backing fabric – I have so far made 3 quilts out of this and have plenty left for another – though there’s plenty of white on white left there’s not enough to back another quilt. While this fabric won’t be wasted I guess I should have done some maths before I went shopping.

my helper

This morning was a different again, I saw some gorgeous boys fabric new in. I asked Julie for help and we designed the quilt there and then and more importantly did some maths to work out how much to buy! I’m still fairly new to this and am trying to keep proper accounts now and so I have to plan a bit more! In this quilt I’m hoping to incorporate a bit of embroidery as well so watch this space.

While the new fabric is washing I have 2 basted quilts to finish today then maybe I’ll get closer to that Etsy store!


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