Finally in business


It happened by accident. A friend mentioned she needed to buy presents for two pregnant friends and I happened to have made a couple of baby quilts, so she bought 1 and ordered two more.
You would have thought that after all these years of procrastinating I would have had a pricing structure sorted, but after a bit of bartering ( she was upping my modest prices) we decided on a hopefully mutually satisfactory agreement.

She requested a neutral colour palette and I went straight to my local quilt shop to get started! It’s amazing what the promise of money will do, I managed to get both quilt tops sewn and basted yesterday and started hand quilting the first of them.

I’m still a relative novice when it comes to the hand quilting, but this post from a cuppa and a catch up is quite handy for how to transfer the designs. I have a Hera marker which I think I’ll favour over the washable inks especially for such a pale palette.


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