Goldwork week 1

After a snuffily start to the year, I finally made it back to the Royal School of Needlework last week. Between snow, illnesses and procrastination I haven’t made it this year. I think I have a standing email on a Monday morning to say cant make it again, so I was greeted with hugs and Happy New Year, before settling down to start work!

As I had forgotten most of my kit (who goes stitching without needles!) I started framing up my next project rather than mounting my canvas stitches. The last technique for my Certificate is Goldwork. I wanted to pick something with a bit of meaning to me for this project rather than do a more random design so I had a trawl of the Wellcome Images website and decided to go for a DNA helix.


So week 1 consisted of framing up the calico and then silk (100%silk from Silk route). Pouncing on the design and then the very nerve racking painting on – I don’t have the steadiest hand with a paintbrush and was very nervous of making a great splodge in the middle of quite a delicate design, but am quite pleased with the outcome – my best attempt to date!


So now my homework, stab stitching down the design- little stitches around the design to hole the calico and silk together and reduce the chances of bubble occurring while I’m working the design. Applying the felt padding to areas which will be raised and making a velvet board to cut the metal threads on to stop them pinging off all over the place.. Here is my first piece of felt on – just 17 more to go!



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