Boys own quilt

Since my resolution has been to start finishing things I have been working away trying to finish up some projects.

2 and a half years ago my mum and I went to the quilt show at Hever Castle and I signed up to a block a month quilt. I eagerly started the quilt then it got left to one side and ignored for, well 2.5 years!

I’m so glad I’ve picked it back up again as I just love the design. Here’s the fist completed block.


As you can see it’s a combination of appliqué and embroidered cartoon strips, I had done most of the embroidery but was struggling a bit on the appliqué. I did a course before Christmas and learned how to use freezer paper to do the appliqué which has really helped and now I’m working away on the second block which has an appliqué boat on it and 3 cartoon strips. Hopefully it won’t take me another 2 years to finish this one now I know what I’m doing!

Work may slow down a bit next week as I’m heading to the Royal School of Needlework for another lesson. I should get my canvas work off the frame and hopefully will get my Goldwork framed up – I’m very exciting about doing the gold and will photograph and blog my progress.


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