Olympic knitting project


I spotted a link to this gorgeous wrap from Purlbee on Twitter a while ago, about the same time I got an invite to a wedding September just gone. While it was no way possible I could finish the wrap in time for the wedding I figured I might get chance to wear it to a wedding some day (or to our 25th anniversary party… in 21 years time!). So I took the plunge and I went to visit the lovely Louise at my local knitting shop – The Knit Club – where she helped me pick out some yarn – a lovely silver from RICO design essentials cotton dk range – a very reasonable price (£2.65 for a 50g ball) – good job, because I needed a full bag!

I’ve named this Olympic knitting as I started the wrap in the summer when we were glued to the Olympics. It takes me half an hour to complete a row, so I might get 2 rows done in an evening if Ted goes to bed easily and I’m not too tired. Progress is being made and the pattern isn’t too taxing, but is interesting enough to keep me on my toes!


In the mean time I have also knitted this very cute fox hat for Ted for Christmas, unfortunately despite being age 3-4 the hat is a little small – I added a panel at the back but it remains a dressing up hat rather than a wearing out hat – luckily he has a plenty, including a rather cute one I knitted in the summer. – sorry any excuse for cute photos of Ted 🙂



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