Do you thrift?

I’ve always read posts about the amazing things people have found in Charity or Thrift stores and thought I never find things like that.. But as I walked past a charity shop this morning and spotted a tapestry, I thought often when there’s tapestry in the window there are embroidery books in the back and I realised maybe I am one of those people who finds good stuff in charity shops.. 100%cotton shirts for £2 go a long way when chopped up for their fabric.

I have had numerous embroidery books: these ones generally live on the shelf..
Thrifted embroidery books

others make it into the bathroom for a bit of light reading 🙂

Bathroom reading

I found some Laura Ashley precut hexagons for quilting.. I like 3 of the fabrics, so might get round to using them at some point..

Thrifted patchwork pieces

My best find to date was this embroidery box for just £5, Ted was just a babe at that time and I had to ask them to put it aside for me as I couldn’t carry it and push the pram – back when I was still a learner driver!

Thrifted sewing box

And finally this morning’s finds, there were no embroidery books, but I did find this book of Heraldic designs.

Heraldic designs

I think this will be a great source of inspiration for some crazy designs and just great to look at with Ted when he’s a bit bigger! I used to love looking through stuff like this as a child!

Inside Heraldic designs

On the wall at the back of the shop was this small embroidery, it says A glimpse of Ness Gardens on the back and has an address and telephone number. A Muriel Jones of Buckinghamshire must have worked it – maybe for a competition? Given she put her address on it? So my detective work continues ams a quick Google found that Ness Gardens is a Botanical garden and part of the University of Liverpool. ( is that one of those things I should have known?).

It looks like the background is painted and it’s a combination of fly stitch, detached chain, some herringbone and French knots. Maybe something I can play with later..

Thrifted embroidery, 'a glimpse of Ness Gardens'


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