I quit my job last Autumn to ‘make a go’ of embroidery and as you may have noticed I have been struggling with motivation. Yes I’ve been working hard at my RSN work, but that’s all I have really been doing. Well getting my first cheque this week is quite the motivator. I turned some tapestries into cushions for a friend’s Grandma, she wanted them backed with velvet and it took me a good while to find the right fabric – not much cotton velvet around in pastel colours! But I found great matches for each of the tapestries. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos – goodness knows why I have 11 photos of Ted in the hat I just finished knitting.. Regardless, I received my first cheque with a lovely card wishing me well and a hearty dose of inspiration..


My bee is now completed.. I love his fury little body 🙂
I w thinking of selling the pattern as well as the piece for this little fella once I get a bit more under my belt.. What do you think?


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