Chicken pox and other excuses..

Light at the end of the tunnel..

I can see the circle of my blogging, I get into a rhythm then life gets in the way and I spend a month (or so ) thinking oh that would make a good post and I never get round to it, until one day when I have a million other things to do and suddenly blogging is the most important thing..

Little Ted has had his first childhood illness – Chicken Pox, and we all survived without going too mad. Luckily it was doing the rounds so we had enough people in quarantine club to hang out with..


I also went all out on distraction, taking a few ideas from Mrs C’s blog we made collages, this one has pictures of Ted’s favourite TV characters – I have found he loves looking at photos on my phone and so I try to take photos of things like this and we talk over what happened and what’s going on in the photos..


We took our puppy and pull along froggy for walks.. And we ate a diet of rice cakes, ice lollies and (dairy and soya free) ice-cream..

Thankfully that is all a distant memory now, since then I have had my final day of term at the RSN! We’re now on summer break. Annoyingly I still have work to do – I’m being too picky for my own good and have decided to take the sateen off the back of my silk shading piece and try to get rid of those bubbles on the front – I’m just hoping I can get the sateen as good a second time! I just know how strictly it will be graded!


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