Second RSN piece finished..

The mounting..

The mounting is finished and my tulip is finally finished.
I did the first of my pieces with the RSN on an intensive course last summer, we had 8 days tuition over two weeks to design, complete and mount the embroidery. This, my second piece was started in October and I have, just a few moments ago, cut the last thread.. I just have the self assessment form to complete now! Obviously I think it’s wonderful and worth full marks across the board – well apart from the mounting maybe..

The piece will be marked on cleanliness, stitch technique, edges of the embroidery, shading and mounting..

All mounted and there are still bubbles .. Grrr!

I know I’ll lose marks on the mounting, there’s a bit of puckering which no amount of stretching or lacing the back will remove, other than that I have enjoyed working this piece and am fairly pleased with the finished product!


6 thoughts on “Second RSN piece finished..

    • 🙂 I was so paranoid the dog was barely able to breathe in the same room as it!

      Thanks – I’ve had the green silk for ages and was really pleased to be able to use it..

  1. Congratulations! It looks beautiful… so are you fan of the silk shading or is that the last time you’ll do it?! I’ve heard so many horror stories now, I have the fear! Good luck with the assessment!

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