Work space

I love sewing at Hampton Court and feel very lucky to have the chance to spend time in the classroom there. The Certificate Classroom is on the 2nd floor and has 4 of those lovely round windows to let in lots of light.


There are a number of work stations set up around the outside of the room, with adjustable trellis’ designed to hold your embroidery at the perfect height and angle..


So the challenge is to recreate these conditions at home..

Embroidery frame

My frame gets moved around all over the place!

As I’ve mentioned I like to sit in our dining room, I have the radio and, although the light is slightly better in the living room I have a daylight lamp which helps!

Embroidery set up

Here you can see my current piece held up by the table at the top and two storage baskets at the side each on a chair, which seem to be a good height for me! You can see the embroidery is surrounded with tissue paper to keep the fabric and already done bits as clean as possible while I’m working. I also use the tissue paper bits to hold my threads and the photo/ drawings I’m working from.

Silk shading: tulip

As you can’t see the actual embroidery so well on that last photo, here’s a close up..

Enjoy. X


3 thoughts on “Work space

    • Thanks! I’ve had really mixed feelings with this one – I love the technique, but I’ve had a couple of days tuition when I’ve been over thinking it and have taken out more than I put in!

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