Silk shading progress

Embroidery took a back seat for a while, there was the move, I got side tracked by quilting and generally got scared by the silk shading module of my RSN certificate. Now I’ve run out of excuses and have made myself buckle down and get on with it! Since we’ve moved I’ve made it in to Hampton Court three times for tuition days and I have another day booked a week monday – so have to get on with some homework.. tomorrow!

Here’s my frame all wrapped up, keeping all dust and ladybirds (we have tonnes this year) from harming my work..

Embroidery frame

and here is my piece so far:

Silk shading: tulip

hopefully I only have a couple of days left tuition on the embroidery and then you need a full day for mounting, a tough process I need to prepare my fingers for! Last time I could barely type after we’d mounted!

So that’s Crewel work down, silk shading nearing the end I still have gold work and a choice of canvas stitches or blackwork to go.


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