We’re in, we finally have Broadband, Telephone and TV services sorted out so back online and in touch with the outside world!

I think we’re all settling in to our new home and routine – D especially is enjoying a whole extra hour in the day as his commute is shorter both in train time and walk to the station (less than a minute to the platform from our door. Little Ted can wave to Daddy on the platform and watch his train leave on a morning.. And we watch for his train arriving on an evening – if he ever misses that train I think we might be in trouble!


We’re also enjoying more space to run round in (sometimes literally!).

Dining room

I was a bit worried that we might not use the dining room- but Edward eats all of his meals in here and we eat with him on a weekend so we have nice family time in here – also the music is set up in the hatch between the kitchen and dining room so its a good place for me to sit on a morning to work in.. (photo above taken through the hatch..)

We’ve got the house into a state we can live in so now we have to motivate ourselves to get the last bits unpacked and start doing all the little jobs that are necessary but could drag on for the next 6 months.. For example we could never invite Everywhereist to stay as not only do we have a shower screen, but it’s a foldable one, stuck in the folded position 🙂 – we have to be very careful not to soak the bath mat! ( the Everywhereist link is well worth a read )

Not very useful Shower screen

if you didn’t guess already I just discovered Instagram, so even the dullest photos look a little bit cool! – it also can upload direct to Flickr, making blogging from the iPad a little bit easier for me..


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