The boxes are here.. We move in Friday and I’m not sure you’d know it to see our house, I managed to convince D that we should get in packers as well as removal men. So for now we have just two boxes packed – Christmas in one and my sewing/ quilting magazines and sketch books in the other..

I’ve been busy sorting through and tidying things ready for the packers, so bizarrely I’ve rearranged the kitchen cupboards and we have switched around the living room furniture with just days in the house.. This morning I’ve packed us an over night bag and put aside some cleaning stuff. I think the next thing to do is try to make sure things are in the right room – I know that Little Ted’s toys will be packed into boxes from every room!

So now I regret my 2 weeks radio silence on the blog as we’ll be without TV, telephone and more importantly broadband for 2 weeks at the new place! Hard enough for me to cope without broadband, but we’ll have to explain to Little Ted why he can’t watch the advert for Stick Man on YouTube again.

On a craft front, I have finally finished my MillaMia cushion – in red (one of the few packed things so no photo yet) just in time to move to a house with orange living room curtains – I’m hoping I can still use it in there!

I’ve also started a new quilt using a jelly roll I’ve had in my stash for a while..


Until now I have just taken it out to look at now and then, I haven’t had a plan for the quilt, I’ve just been playing with the fabric. First I unrolled it – with a bit of help from a friend.


Then I sewed strips together into fours and played with some layouts.


For some reSon I decided that triangles were the way to go..


I’ve sewn up a block, but the triangles are hard to line up. I’m going to unpick the whole thing and use some chunky sashings to hide behind.. This is a real learning curve, but I’m loving the challenge.

See you in a few weeks when we’re in a new home..


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