Advent planning..

People have started to ask how I’m enjoying not working anymore and what I do with my time when Little Ted’s at nursery… I know it’s a cliche, but I can’t imagine fitting a job into my day anymore, and I certainly don’t feel like I’m not working – by the time I’ve dropped Ted at nursery, walked the dog and put a load of washing on it’s twenty past ten and I’ve not even started!!

So what will I do with the rest of my day, I’ll write this post, check over twitter – add a couple more blogs to Sewing blogs, then set to work on some sewing – I’m making an advent calendar for Ted, I’ve cut out the pieces for bags..

Cut outs for advent calendar

And am now decorating them.. The idea is that I will put in an activity for each day in advent.. So any ideas would be good – so far i have:

buy Christmas tree,
decorate tree,
go to toddler group party,
go to nativity at church,
go look at lights in london,
visit Santa,
put on christmas music and dance round living room,
get out Christmas books
make: decoration for tree,
mince pies ..

I’m sure a few more Christmas parties and visits will crop up.. But I’m still in need of a few more ideas – I have a few for older kids, but Ted’s only 19 months!

I’m also finishing the back of the MillaMia Elk cushion. I bought the kit a while ago and am quite proud of my first attempt at knitting with 2 colours.. Photo to follow when I’ve figured out blocking!


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