Getting organised


I love autumn, especially in Surrey, it’s called leafy for a reason! – the onset of cooler weather, stews, falling leaves – kicking up leaves ( i know I’m 5!), getting out warmer clothes – especially boots! I wear a lot more skirts in the autumn and winter than in the summer!

One of the other great things is that start of the year feeling, I always get it more in September than January – probably because I stayed in academia for so long (from age 5 to 25). So what better time of year to be starting a new venture!

So far we have moved the hosting on my blog, so my website you may notice is a bit tidier. All the old pages have now gone and the about page which was 5 years out of date ( though readers may have been fooled into thinking I was still 27!). We have suffered a bit of down time while the blog switched and the links in older posts need updating on the new system, but I’m pretty pleased with the outcome!

I’ve done some reading and planning for the business side of things – I found some good starting points on UK tax for small crafters selling online. I need to go through them in more detail, but also need to have things to sell first!

I’m going to be using Trello as my on line to do organiser. I’ve set up a board for blog post ideas – and one for home which I can add things to D’s to do list 🙂

I’ve got myself setup with Google apps for (which means my suzical email is now managed by gmail and i can have multiple accounts) and D is bugging me to set myself up with an online password manager (apparently the same password for everything is bad, who knew #eek).

All I need to do now is to get stitching 🙂


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