Taking the plunge

needle and thread

So I’m taking the plunge. I’ve blogged about it, I’ve commented on other people’s blogs wishing I was brave enough and I’ve dreamt about it for several years now. Suzical will start trading on the 10th October 2011.

Actually I won’t be trading anything that day, but I will start making my plans then.. I leave my current job on the 6th.

This is partly a quality of life move, I’ll be shortening Little Ted’s hours at nursery, I’ll get to see him on a morning and hopefully he’ll be less tired. But mainly it’s my chance to make some changes to our lives, try to follow my passion & see where this takes me..

Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly recieved! I need to decide whether I’d benefit most from using folksy/ etsy or setting up my own online store or all three.. And also what I should be doing – Embroidery is obviously my main passion, but I’d love to do more quilting.. What do you think people will buy? Cushions, bags, door stops, art work??

So watch this space as I go into business! Eek!


4 thoughts on “Taking the plunge

  1. I think if you’re going to be selling mostly online, you should make life a bit easier for yourself by focusing on things that are easy to wrap and post. Best of luck with it all!

  2. You could do little cards and brooches/shoe pins as a sort of ‘entry drug’ (which would be the cheapest thing in your shop) and long wallets (for sure-people are always looking for those) as a main/ intermediate cost thing. Also things that fit into flat rate priority and international flat rate envelopes. Baby booties/ mittens would be pretty cool thing to do (and high end because people tend to hang onto those forever so they would be wiling to pay a bit more-especially if its embroidered..). Best of luck on your adventure.

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