Royal School of Needlework Jacobean course

At the beginning of July I did my first module in the RSN’s Certificate in embroidery. You have to do four techniques: Jacobean, silk shading, blackwork/canvas & gold work.

For each subject you get 8 teaching days. I’m working at Hampton Court, but there are sites around the UK, San Fransisco and I think Japan – check out their website for a better list..

I did the Jacobean course as a 2 week intensive block and boy was it intensive! We were taught Monday to Thursday for 2 weeks and had the Friday and weekend in the middle for homework. Not realising how tough it would be when I booked it I worked the Fridays, which was fine but I was exhausted! I’m not sure if being local was an advantage or not, I had my family around me to keep me going and bring me food, but also to distract me..
I think I added it up to 60 + hours of work on the piece.

I’m writing this on the train to the first day of my second technique, silk shading.. I have tonnes of ideas and some lovely silk a colleague gave me a few years ago..

Just pulling in to clapham junction, need to change trains..


One thought on “Royal School of Needlework Jacobean course

  1. I have just started the certificate this week in Rugby so will be reading with interest how you get on with silk shading and will look forward to seeing some pictures of your finished pieces.

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