… and the winners are

Congratulations to Grace and Joyce in NC who won copies of Laura’s Handmade Life. If you could both email me (suzi at suzical.co.uk) with your address the publisher will mail your copies.


We’ve been growing some veg out in the wilderness that is our garden. A combination of sun and loads of rain have been brilliant for growing the broccoli, unfortunately the grass and weeds have exploded as well!!


A few nights ago I headed up the garden and brought back a pan full of peas, broad beans, a head of broccoli and some fresh herbs. Adding in some bacon & a little spicy chorizo I made up a gorgeous risotto. My cooking is not usually blogable, but I’m particularly proud of this one. I like to think Jamie Oliver would be proud as well, Little Ted had it for his lunch the next day!

I’m getting ready for a couple of weeks of embroidery at the Royal School of Needlework. I’ll be doing a module in Jacobean crewel work, the first of four courses that make up the RSN’s certificate in embroidery. The RSN is based at Hampton Court Palace, which is such a lovely environment to work in!

I’ve put together a design to take with me, but the course instructions advise to be open with the design and to talk it through with the course instructor and make use of their experience, so I’m sure it’ll change a fair amount.


I’m not very good at drawing so have used one of Little Ted’s picture books for the peacock, I used French curves to draw the curved lines – the fun part has been deciding which stitches to use where. I’ll take a hoop and some calico with me so that i can try out a few things before incorporating them into the design. I’m rather exciting, though fairly nervous – When I’ve been on courses before I’ve worked designs provided by the instructor! I’ll let you known how I get on!


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