So what did YOU think of THE dress??


So what did you think?
Over a week after the event, blog posts all over the web discuss the dress in detail so I won’t give you the low down of all the detail, thought the BBC have a good [article]( and ( of the embroidery and lace detail.

It turns out I had (Royal Wedding fever!)[] I loved it! I was glued to the TV for the arrivals and ceremony – good choices in music too, though my Mum doesn’t think Jerusalem is a wedding hymn and had a huge argument with my Sister about it when she got married! We travelled over to Oxford that afternoon to visit friends for the weekend and gate crash their local Royal wedding party – D came second in the welly wanging competition! 🙂

I loved all three dresses – Kate’s wedding and evening dresses and her Pippa’s bridesmaid dress…
I was pleased with the choice of designer and loved that they chose to use the Royal School of Needlework for the lacework. I can kind of understand why some people thought that an Alexander McQueen dress should be more controversial, but really? For a British Royal wedding of that scale?? I think they got the mix just right – the sleeveless bodice with lace sleeves – apparently Royalty have to have sleeves- I loved that lace. I’ve been reading all the details I can get my hands on about the making of it, though apparently the detail will be kept quiet for 30 years, surely this comes under the freedom of information act?? 🙂

The simplicity of her evening gown was just stunning – hopefully it allowed her to let her hair down on the dance floor that evening, she certainly deserved a good boogy after the formalities of the morning!


2 thoughts on “So what did YOU think of THE dress??

  1. The first dress I saw in the news was the Bridesmaid. I was raised with the understanding that no one was to upstage the Bribe…no one. Sounds like you had a great time.

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