Do I have Royal wedding fever??

It looks like all things are hotting up for the Royal Wedding tomorrow – apart from the weather, it was spring like on my way to work this moring and we had summer weather for the Easter weekend. As an aside it was also really quiet travelling to work – I had seats on both trains and the tube this morning, unheard of generally!

How are you preparing for the big day? Are you getting into all the build up? I had thought it was pretty much passing me by, until I realised I was writing a blog post about it.. I’ve obviously absorbed more than I’d thought!

We have the Royal wedding memorabilia I bought Little Ted the [Happy land Royal wedding set](,default,pd.html) and spent 10 minutes hunting round Morrisons for a droppped Duke of Edinburgh on Monday.

I bought tea towels as gifts for an upcoming trip to the States. Our local charity shop is selling them and as I was leaving I spotted a rack of men’s shirts for £2 each, it didn’t take long to find 5 which were 100% cotton and added straight into my stash for quiting! I have my eye on a pattern for quilted pot holders from an old issue of Sew I love the idea of recylcing in this way. My Mum is making a quilt for my nephew with a pair of my pyjamas and a pilfered shirt from my Brother-in-Law’s wardrobe..

We’re even going to a street party tomorrow – not our street, we’ll be gate crashing a friend’s.. taking a picnic and hoping the weather cheers up!

I am looking forward to seeing the dress, I’m surprised at how well the secret is holding up, though it has to be a British designer right?? It would be great if there was a ‘making of the dress’ documentary.

Speaking of dresses, the BBC have a [lovely slide show of Royal wedding dresses]( The oldest is Princess Charlotte’s dress from 1816 they have the artwork from the wedding as well – obviously no photos back then!

While looking for photos to illustrate this post I stumbled across [this amazing embroidery pattern]( from the happy zombie to comemorate the day. The Flickr page has all rights reserved so you’re going to have to follow the link – trust me it’s worth it!


2 thoughts on “Do I have Royal wedding fever??

  1. Now the wedding is over and all the talk has been about the dresses, I would like to know what you thought about it all.

    Kate’s sisters dress almost took upstage at Yahoo news. I found that rather odd but what do I know. Low cut it was and it sounds like that was a first. Her dress flowed so nicely and that is an accomplishment.

  2. Thanks for your comment Tommy – I loved both dresses!
    Not surprising really! I wonder if Pippa was wearing the dress that Kate might have preferred to wear in a more low key wedding??

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