No more excuses

I’ve downloaded the WordPress app to my phone so can now write posts on the go. Should kill some time on my commute!

It’s now just one week to my return to work. I have that end of the school holidays feeling in a really really big way. I had a hair cut, bought new shoes last week. Started this week with a trip to Bluewater. Went into Oasis and a very helpful lady put a hefty dent in my new store card.. 20% off it was a bargain, honest!! Feel a bit better about going back to work now I have some clothes that fit!

As we’re driving back from the shopping centre I’m just playing with the WordPress app. I’ve figured out how to add in a photo – no reason other than to test the app. But the preview option can’t download the theme for my blog – I presume that’s because it’s hosted outside of wordpress and was designed by my husband rather than through any templates??
I’ll try to publish this.. Though given my success with typing on the phone I think I’ll write on the phone and carefully preview and proof future posts before publishing!

Ok that didn’t Work so well, there’s no obvious publish button. So I’ll have to do that from an actual computer..


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